It’s about capabilities not skill-sets

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This fair is for everyone, no matter how little or long you’ve been in tech or even if you’d like to get into tech. We know that the industry is finally reaching out and realising that its not a case of ready made skill-sets but also for capabilities. Many of us have reasons why we go down a particular track in life, it can be due to lack of encouragement, support, finance, confidence or simply not being aware of what is out there on offer. Whatever the reason, we know that there are very few jobs for life and careers change over a lifetime.The companies attending are known to us and happy to discuss with you how to get a career in tech. They also have many jobs for people who are already in the industry and looking for a change. We are especially promoting returners, who may have left for a variety of reasons and are looking to return, transferers who want a career change, newbies to bristol be that as refugees or simply from outside of the region, people looking to step up or move across into a different area of tech and .. well just about anyone interested in tech.

The fair will have company sponsors who will be recruiting or running workshops. The workshops are to encourage you into the different areas of industry by giving you an insight to what the opportunities are out there in the area. We will also have some training companies to discuss training, apprenticeships and other ways to engage or move towards a career in tech.

We have opened the eventbrite signup page here. You are welcome to join up for both days as we will have different workshops each day. It will be running on Saturday the 9th November from 10am until 4pm. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to pop along and meet with the companies and attend some workshops. You do not have to stay for the full day everyone is welcome to simply pop their head in and say hi. If you are coming alone and would like some support at the event then please contact us and we can arrange for someone to escort you around the event and introduce you to companies of interest.

We do not allow any social media of attendees at the event. If you wish to take photos then we will have set photo areas where attendees can take photos with agreement of the participants for your social media channels – please check our code of conduct for more information.

This is a no recruiters event, so other than the companies exhibiting you should not be approached by any recruitment agencies. Please let us know if you are by telling us on the HBB or the Women’s Tech Hub stands – for more details please check our recruiters page.