Altran Workshops “Finding your Purpose in a Software Company”

Altran will be running two workshops at our Tech Careers Fair on Friday 15th starting at 5pm and on Saturday the 16th starting at 11am

Speaker – Neil White

Neil White

Neil is an engineer with years of experience delivering software projects that change our world for the better. He is particularly interested in the dynamics of teams and personal motivators, and how this underpins success.

These sessions will use examples of real Altran Intelligent Systems projects to explore topics such as: why people work for software companies, “having a job” versus “having a career”, and how to assess potential employers. Questions welcomed and encouraged – this session can go anywhere that adds value to the attendees. Take the opportunity to ask anything in a safe environment.

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Overall workshop timings are as follows and we will give details on what they are doing as we get them


3pm – Graphcore, Lisa Forte (Red Goat), Sparkol

4pm – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton

5pm – Altran, Deloitte SW, Cookpad


11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol