If you love data come and speak to KETL

We are super excited that KETL will be at our Careers Fair on 9th November 2019 to support us – they were also our very first sponsor in Women’s Tech Hub and a brilliant team hence the “super excited” mention! (its a bit like having your close friends around when you are running a posh dinner party with work colleagues and need a bit of a confidence boost !)

We know that KETL is completely behind our social values and aims as they have been behind us since day one, including recruiting and training up our careers transferrers/returners. They are also absolutely mad about Data and about to launch a new platform – so go speak to them about it.

“Your business never stops generating data. The ability to pull apart, focus and analyse this flow of information is the answer to making better decisions about your supply chain, your product, and your customers.

We help you design and implement your data strategy, ensuring all your data is in one place so you can get reports out quickly and accurately to the teams that need them, to start generating actionable insight. “

We are KETL and we love data.

Further information on KETL can be found via Twitter @KETL_BI and on LinkedIn – seriously, go check them out!

If anyone would like a personal intro to KETL at any stage including the event then please mail us on info@wthub.org (they’ll chat anyway without an intro!)