Today was amazing, and for tomorrow……

We loved today at the event, the engagement was brilliant and the attendees couldn’t believe that the companies so wanted to talk to them. We know there is a breakage in the recruitment process around people who aren’t ‘BOB’ .. or simply fitting the normal view of what is expected, which is why we are running this. The feedback was exactly what we wanted, the attendees can talk directly to the main teams and management so there’s no recruitment process, HR or other blockers to squeeze through. We loved everything really including the Bocabar pizzas!

We hope to see you all tomorrow when the companies are talking some more – we have some more great companies and TEDx Bristol speaking .. feel free to pop in and out if you like but please come and engage. Running order for tomorrow are:

11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol