Welcome to Cookpad

We are delighted that Cookpad will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, as being part of this careers fair, Cookpad are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member. 

Cookpad is a tech company building a community platform that enables people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. It’s a global platform used by around 100 million people every month across the world. Over 4 million recipes have been created by people in almost 70 countries. 

Open roles: https://cookpad.workable.com/ 

Website: https://info.cookpad.com/en
Tech blog: https://sourcediving.com
Recipes: https://cookpad.com/uk
Twitter: @cookpad_dev 

Looking forward to seeing you all there

The Tech3Shed team