Widening the net

We are throwing out a wide net as we believe that handpicking from a small pool of talent won’t fulfil the needs in the area. Bristol has a wealth of talent pools from our refugee communities, our returners, our reskillers, our university graduates through to our apprentices. We want to encourage everyone along even if they are simply tech-curious and wanting to engage.


All company sponsors at the event will have the opportunity to speak to an audience and promote your current vacancies. This is a ‘no recruiter’ event and as such any candidates that you find at the event are not subject to any fees. We are charging for company stands in order to support Women’s Tech Hub, Technotopia & the local WISE group to host the event and feel that should allow companies the freedom to speak & recruit freely.

No Hawkers

Whilst we don’t foresee companies coming in and acting like street hawkers we do wish to state that any companies wishing to recruit without paying for a stand then I’m afraid this fair is not for you. We feel that the companies who are sponsoring and supporting us deserve to speak to the candidates directly without other competition. Their support allows us to host this event and we also know that our sponsor companies have integrity and truly support diversity by their investment in us. We will be treating any such companies who are not signed up in the same manner as our recruiters so please be fair to our sponsors and stay away if you don’t want to support us.