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We have bought in tiny giant a great, cutting edge, marketing company to help let everyone know we are coming (with Gifs like this!). We believe by advertising wider it will help reach more companies and hive them an awareness of just how the ‘inclusion’ issue can be fixed with simple solutions. The Bristol Tech Fair is set to be the most exciting thing in the calender at the Bristol Tech Fest, we will be talking the next generation with Technotopia, Careers with us and a mini-conference with the WISE campaign about Diversity and Inclusion.

We love to see our members talking directly to the engineers CEO’s and simply having straight conversations, it removes a lot of barriers. At the last event we got great people and great companies talking, understanding the issues, and actually getting jobs. If you want to get involved in this event then mail us on info@wthub.org and we can help you – after all we are simply set up for companies wanting to find great talent, and talented people wanting to talk to companies directly. Bingo!! Thats what this is.

We’re ready – are you coming?

Sooooooooooooo … yes we are about to announce our next plans, we are ready and almost raring to go, so the question is: are you?

The Date ?

It will be on November the 9th in the Colston Hall and we have all four floors to use plus its a Saturday! This hopefully means that many of our members and the poor sad people who have yet to be enticed into the fun world of tech, may also have the day free to change their lives for the better!!

We know that we have plenty of people with Children attached as we spotted some flitting through the door at our last event – next time why not just bring kittens or puppies for a similar effect? It appears that people actually like these young humanoids so we decided this year to partner with Technotopia, who are all about getting the younger generations engaged with tech and are very cool! So why not treat your next careers fair as a family day out? Want to volunteer? .. contact us !!

We also loved our panel driven conference back in 2017 so want to bring back that part of the conference/event by inviting in the WISE campaign. This is a national campaign and we know they have been investigating the effectiveness of Diversity and Inclusion groups within larger organisations. We’re going to discuss the incentives out there to support both larger and smaller companies to help improve culture and improve diversity and discuss the issues also. We’ll announce panels and workshops/discussions as we put his together.

For all companies wanting a stand at the fair – it will be recruitment free, so no charges for any recruits you get. We will have our Women’s Tech Hub partners ADLIB (who are lovely and very well behaved) there in an engagement capacity, but other than that as before, recruiters please don’t come along and try and sell your wares to the companies or badger our members – its really just not welcome and definitely not cool!

Based on our feedback from the last event from the companies involved, there was a suggestion to have a Jobs page advertising the jobs going So this time, as part of our sponsorship deal*, we will do that to ensure we are reaching out to people that you want to engage with. This will be over the tech3shed website, the wthub and bristoltechfair website .. we’ll let you know when its set up! As with the last event we do want the companies to engage, so we’ll have chaperones at the event as before to make introductions and help you networ!

So keep an eye out for us and get involved…. more coming soon …

*T & C’s will apply

We’re Hatching something …

Half Hatched Woman

Some news at last .. we have started hatching our next event so we’ll keep you updated as we tiptoe through the arrangements. Its a different power of three this autumn as we are going to partner with Technotopia who we have worked with since they started and with the WISE campaign. Technotopia are looking for sponsors and/or companies looking to engage with children interested in Tech, we plan to run the careers fair on a seperate floor (it will be at the Colston Hall this time) and the WISE campaign will run on another floor again.

The whole event is called the Bristol Tech Fair and is running under the Bristol Technology Week on the Saturday before TEDxBristol so the 9th November, which gives you all plenty of time to dust off your CV’s or get your stand offerings uptodate. Feedback on the March event mentioned the lack of reusability of the ‘swag’ on the stands so we would like to follow TEDxBristols idea that there should be no paper or wasteful products but more engaging options. Don’t worry, we are also trying to think through options for our TEDxBristol date!

The overall view of the event is that people can come along with or wthout children to technotopia, but may want to leave their partners with the children and go engage with the WISE group or talk to the recruiting companies. So a family day out with a possible job option and some female engineering networking – whats not o love?

We’re still standing

exhausted woman standing

Apologies for our lack of updates on the site, we have been busy gathering feedback from attendees and sponsors and all in all we are feeling quite pleased with ourselves! It seems that many of our aims about inclusivity and engagement were worth the forethought and gave a lot of people some nice warm feelings. We will put together a post summarising it all and also will keep you all updated with any further plans we have. We are still standing though, which is always a good thing !!

Today was amazing, and for tomorrow……

tech careers fair poster

We loved today at the event, the engagement was brilliant and the attendees couldn’t believe that the companies so wanted to talk to them. We know there is a breakage in the recruitment process around people who aren’t ‘BOB’ .. or simply fitting the normal view of what is expected, which is why we are running this. The feedback was exactly what we wanted, the attendees can talk directly to the main teams and management so there’s no recruitment process, HR or other blockers to squeeze through. We loved everything really including the Bocabar pizzas!

We hope to see you all tomorrow when the companies are talking some more – we have some more great companies and TEDx Bristol speaking .. feel free to pop in and out if you like but please come and engage. Running order for tomorrow are:

11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol

Welcome to Esoterix and their workshop “Bringing Intelligence to Mobility”

Esoterix Logo

We are delighted that Esoterix will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, as being part of this careers fair Esoterix are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

Esoterix are creating the software solutions that will revolutionise the transport industry, based on data science, behaviour science and machine learning. They have a reputation for bravery and excellence, leading by example to develop new technology and business solutions to, perhaps, society’s greatest problem: how to provide effortless mobility, to everyone, sustainably.

Esoterix are looking to grow their technical team and this is an exciting time to be joining them. The global intelligent mobility market is growing 20% year-on-year and will be worth £900bn in 2025. Esoterix will be at the forefront of that transport revolution.

Adam Orchard

Adam Orchard, head of development will be running a workshop on Saturday 16th starting at 11am.

Esoterix are changing the face of public transport, using data analytics to understand behaviour and design new services. They’ll run through the journey taken to design, deliver and operate a new micro-transit trial in Bristol last year.

Follow them on @EsoterixSystems

BUD workshop: How an apprenticeship could be the best career step you take

Bud Systems

John Kinson th CTO from BUD will be running a workshop at our Tech Careers Fair on Saturday the 16th starting at 11am.

John Kinson
John Kinson

John has worked in the enterprise, telecoms and broadcast TV sectors for over 22 years. He brings expertise gained from his professional experience in areas as diverse as business unit directorship, business requirements analysis, solution architecture design, patent portfolio management, relationship selling, customer account management, and software engineering in multiple domains.

Bud is a complete software platform that supports every aspect of apprenticeship delivery. It brings together enrolment, programme creation, learning delivery, e-portfolio, reporting and funding management into a single system.

Designed by industry experts on a foundation of simplicity, compliance and consistency, it is a complete system that supports our clients in the delivery of exceptional training.

It’s been purpose built for Apprenticeships and because it’s a single end-to-end system, it avoids the costs and inefficiencies of using multiple systems. Bud enables paperless delivery and its in-built automation and workflow, supports efficient and compliant ways of working.

Bud will be giving a workshop with an overview of who they are as a company and demystifying the current apprenticeship offerings and how companies can make the most of them. 

They will explain what apprenticeships are, how they work, and why they might be worth considering.

This will be an interactive session showing how apprenticeships work in practice: how they’re funded, what the employment options are, how they can help with career advancement, how training providers deliver apprenticeship training in partnership with employers

You will get to see examples of apprenticeship programmes (drawing on the content that they produce), with examples from software development, health and social care, project management, finance

They will discuss examples of how apprenticeship training might work, focussing on activities involved and give links to further sources of apprenticeship career info – who provides them, some training providers and some examples of employers providing apprenticeship training.

Follow them on Twitter @wearebud

Overall workshop timings are as follows and we will give details on what they are doing as we get them


3pm – Graphcore, Lisa Forte (Red Goat), Sparkol

4pm – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton

5pm – Altran, Deloitte SW, Cookpad


11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol

Altran Workshops “Finding your Purpose in a Software Company”

Altran Logo

Altran will be running two workshops at our Tech Careers Fair on Friday 15th starting at 5pm and on Saturday the 16th starting at 11am

Speaker – Neil White

Neil White

Neil is an engineer with years of experience delivering software projects that change our world for the better. He is particularly interested in the dynamics of teams and personal motivators, and how this underpins success.

These sessions will use examples of real Altran Intelligent Systems projects to explore topics such as: why people work for software companies, “having a job” versus “having a career”, and how to assess potential employers. Questions welcomed and encouraged – this session can go anywhere that adds value to the attendees. Take the opportunity to ask anything in a safe environment.

Follow them on Twitter @Altran_UK  or LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/altran

Overall workshop timings are as follows and we will give details on what they are doing as we get them


3pm – Graphcore, Lisa Forte (Red Goat), Sparkol

4pm – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton

5pm – Altran, Deloitte SW, Cookpad


11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol

Welcome to Bud

Bud Systems

We are delighted that Bud will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, as being part of this careers fair, Bud are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

Bud is the exciting and fast-growing name in the apprenticeship sector. Bud’s software is a powerful and intuitive apprenticeship management platform, designed to simplify the delivery of apprenticeships and bring the many processes together within a single, intuitive software platform. Bud seamlessly combines application management, programme creation, learning delivery, workforce and learner reporting, funding management and more.

.The Government’s 2020 Apprenticeship Strategy will drive unprecedented change in the sector and will see record levels of funding and business interest. Bud provides a market-leading solution that helps business maximise these new opportunities. Our vision is to provide a service that has a strong appeal globally and across all parts of the workplace education and training marketplace. After a period of intense development and market launch, we’re now implementing Bud into a growing number of new customers across the country. Located in central Bristol at the top of Park Street by Clifton Triangle, Bud has wonderful shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants on its doorstep.

We are part of an exciting office space regeneration project alongside a new business incubator, Origin Workspace, with a private gym on our ground floor and a roof-top terrace providing stunning panoramic views over Bristol. At Bud, we believe in a healthy work-life balance, with a positive and inclusive learning culture based on our values of integrity, trust, and commitment. Working at Bud means you’ll be surrounded by innovators and original thinkers, be able to thrive and do the best work of your career, with regular, fun social activities. They judge each person on their merits and while technical aptitude is essential, this has to be combined with a positive can-do attitude, pride in delivering to our promises, excellent communication skills and a desire for self-improvement.

Regardless of the role, Bud can offer excellent learning and development and future career opportunities in a growing business. Get in touch if Bud sounds like a good fit for you.

Website: https://bud.co.uk Follow them on Twitter @wearebud

Follow them on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/budsystemslimited

Welcome to Women in Cyber Academy

wica logo

We are delighted that the Women In Cyber Academy will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to offer support.

We know that the Women in Cyber Academy are dedicated to increasing Diversity in the Industry (mainly as we’re part of it with Womens Tech Jobs)

The Cyber Software Academy for Women is a 3-month programme designed by QA to prepare women for a career in Cyber Security.

The programme is open to women of any technical or career background and women all ages who are looking to begin or change to a career in Cyber Security. Each cohort of women will be guided through an accelerated learning pathway to help them secure a role as quickly as possible after their training.

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