Will external recruiters be in attendance?

  • We don’t accept recruiters or recruiting agencies into our event*
  • Companies looking to recruit need to apply for a pitch space
  • Companies without a pitch looking to recruit will be treated as recruiters

Why aren’t recruiters welcome at Tech3Shed?

Our attendees are important to us

We are aware that changing jobs, attending conferences and speaking to people that we don’t know can be stressful for people We want our attendees to choose which companies they want to talk to without feeling obligated. Women’s Tech Hub members will be on hand to support attendees at the event if required as we want the day to feel supportive and non stressful as possible. We are about our attendees and future tech workforce and this fair is for them to gain information on what a tech career has to offer.

Because this is for the companies

We want Tech3Shed to help support the local economy in its drive to find great candidates and also to support diversity in the workplace. The companies attending are known to us and we believe are all trying hard to ensure that they have a great and diverse workforce. They are paying to attend and this allows us to be able to host the event, in return they do not expect to have recruiters approach them as this is their event. Tech3Shed gives companies the chance to showcase directly to all candidates including many who have been rejected by recruiters or HR teams and they may never get the chance to meet through more traditional recruitment practices.

Recruiters shouldn’t want to be here

Companies having the chance to directly converse with interested candidates is quite a rare opportunity. Recruiters coming along and trying to sell their company services or making unwanted approaches to candidates would do nothing to enhance their reputation, and in Bristol we believe that reputation is important. Companies want to carry on supporting recruiters and we encourage that, this is simply something different and an opportunity for companies to show themselves at their best to the attendees.

Any recruiters seen at the event will kindly be asked to leave

To recruiters – take a day off – after all its also spanning a weekend, YOUR weekend. We know you work your socks off during the week so take time out, have brunch, watch a film or go do something more fun instead.

As an attendee or a company, if you spot or you’re approached by a recruiter at the event please come and speak to us on the HBB or the Women’s Tech Hub Stands.

* ADLIB will be in attendance but work with Women’s Tech Hub to make us sustainable. They will be there in an advisory role and will not make any unsolicited approaches.