BUD workshop: How an apprenticeship could be the best career step you take

Bud Systems

John Kinson th CTO from BUD will be running a workshop at our Tech Careers Fair on Saturday the 16th starting at 11am.

John Kinson
John Kinson

John has worked in the enterprise, telecoms and broadcast TV sectors for over 22 years. He brings expertise gained from his professional experience in areas as diverse as business unit directorship, business requirements analysis, solution architecture design, patent portfolio management, relationship selling, customer account management, and software engineering in multiple domains.

Bud is a complete software platform that supports every aspect of apprenticeship delivery. It brings together enrolment, programme creation, learning delivery, e-portfolio, reporting and funding management into a single system.

Designed by industry experts on a foundation of simplicity, compliance and consistency, it is a complete system that supports our clients in the delivery of exceptional training.

It’s been purpose built for Apprenticeships and because it’s a single end-to-end system, it avoids the costs and inefficiencies of using multiple systems. Bud enables paperless delivery and its in-built automation and workflow, supports efficient and compliant ways of working.

Bud will be giving a workshop with an overview of who they are as a company and demystifying the current apprenticeship offerings and how companies can make the most of them. 

They will explain what apprenticeships are, how they work, and why they might be worth considering.

This will be an interactive session showing how apprenticeships work in practice: how they’re funded, what the employment options are, how they can help with career advancement, how training providers deliver apprenticeship training in partnership with employers

You will get to see examples of apprenticeship programmes (drawing on the content that they produce), with examples from software development, health and social care, project management, finance

They will discuss examples of how apprenticeship training might work, focussing on activities involved and give links to further sources of apprenticeship career info – who provides them, some training providers and some examples of employers providing apprenticeship training.

Follow them on Twitter @wearebud

Overall workshop timings are as follows and we will give details on what they are doing as we get them


3pm – Graphcore, Lisa Forte (Red Goat), Sparkol

4pm – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton

5pm – Altran, Deloitte SW, Cookpad


11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol