Welcome to Women in Cyber Academy

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We are delighted that the Women In Cyber Academy will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to offer support.

We know that the Women in Cyber Academy are dedicated to increasing Diversity in the Industry (mainly as we’re part of it with Womens Tech Jobs)

The Cyber Software Academy for Women is a 3-month programme designed by QA to prepare women for a career in Cyber Security.

The programme is open to women of any technical or career background and women all ages who are looking to begin or change to a career in Cyber Security. Each cohort of women will be guided through an accelerated learning pathway to help them secure a role as quickly as possible after their training.

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My 4 secrets to becoming an amazing public speaker

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One of our first workshops will be with the wonderful Lisa Forte from Red-Goat security telling us how to become amazing (and paid) speakers. Speaking at public conferences is something that we know affects our career progression, confidence and profile so we can’t wait!

Lisa has been a professional speaker for years. She gets hired to speak all around the world. She never imagined doing this professionally though- she was always the shy one in the back of the room hoping and praying nobody would ask her a question. Now she speaks to huge audiences all over the world. How did she become so confident at speaking? Lisa has 4 simple rule that will transform every presentation, pitch or interview you will ever do.

In this workshop Lisa will explain how to use her 4 rules and you will see a big difference in how you present instantly. Public speaking is an amazing skill to have and will open so many doors for your career. Come and learn how to transform the way you speak and pitch!

Welcome to Women In Cyber Academy

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Exciting new opportunity – QA with Women’s Tech Jobs and DCMS are at our www.tech3shed.org event so come along and chat about it

30 fully funded opportunities (12 week training course)

We need more women in the industry to help solve one of the country’s biggest threats, Cyber attacks – will you help us fill this gap and drive the UK tech sector forward?

We want women – of any background – who’d like a career change to join this free-to-attend 12-week programme in Bristol, preparing you for a new role in Cyber. Brought to you by Women’s Tech Jobs and leading training provider, QA, our Women In Cyber Academy is 50% funded by the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). Leading industry sponsors are funding the other 50%, to shape the training and prepare you for a new career.

Whether your interest is in the training opportunity or sponsoring the Academy, visit www.womenincyber.academy to register your interest today.