My 4 secrets to becoming an amazing public speaker

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One of our first workshops will be with the wonderful Lisa Forte from Red-Goat security telling us how to become amazing (and paid) speakers. Speaking at public conferences is something that we know affects our career progression, confidence and profile so we can’t wait!

Lisa has been a professional speaker for years. She gets hired to speak all around the world. She never imagined doing this professionally though- she was always the shy one in the back of the room hoping and praying nobody would ask her a question. Now she speaks to huge audiences all over the world. How did she become so confident at speaking? Lisa has 4 simple rule that will transform every presentation, pitch or interview you will ever do.

In this workshop Lisa will explain how to use her 4 rules and you will see a big difference in how you present instantly. Public speaking is an amazing skill to have and will open so many doors for your career. Come and learn how to transform the way you speak and pitch!