Big Welcome to Scott Logic

We are delighted that Scott Logic will be at our Careers Fair on 9th November 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, being part of this careers fair demonstrates that Scott Logic are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

At Scott Logic their 60+ team of Bristol-based consultants are located centrally within Bristol’s technology hub. They offer their clients a wide variety of capabilities including front end, back end and full stack development, Project Management, Testing and Data Engineering.

Scott Logic are currently looking for a broad and diverse range of candidates to fill their live vacancies. More information can be found here

As a centrally based consultancy, Scott Logic are fully engaged with the local tech community, they run their very own monthly Techie Brekkie (Meetup), and if you’re interested in joining Techie Brekkie then follow this link

              Further information on Scott Logic can be found via Twitter @scott_logic and on LinkedIn

If anyone would like a personal intro to Scott Logic at any stage including the event then please mail us on

We’re Hatching something …

Half Hatched Woman

Some news at last .. we have started hatching our next event so we’ll keep you updated as we tiptoe through the arrangements. Its a different power of three this autumn as we are going to partner with Technotopia who we have worked with since they started and with the WISE campaign. Technotopia are looking for sponsors and/or companies looking to engage with children interested in Tech, we plan to run the careers fair on a seperate floor (it will be at the Colston Hall this time) and the WISE campaign will run on another floor again.

The whole event is called the Bristol Tech Fair and is running under the Bristol Technology Week on the Saturday before TEDxBristol so the 9th November, which gives you all plenty of time to dust off your CV’s or get your stand offerings uptodate. Feedback on the March event mentioned the lack of reusability of the ‘swag’ on the stands so we would like to follow TEDxBristols idea that there should be no paper or wasteful products but more engaging options. Don’t worry, we are also trying to think through options for our TEDxBristol date!

The overall view of the event is that people can come along with or wthout children to technotopia, but may want to leave their partners with the children and go engage with the WISE group or talk to the recruiting companies. So a family day out with a possible job option and some female engineering networking – whats not o love?

Welcome to Women in Cyber Academy

wica logo

We are delighted that the Women In Cyber Academy will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to offer support.

We know that the Women in Cyber Academy are dedicated to increasing Diversity in the Industry (mainly as we’re part of it with Womens Tech Jobs)

The Cyber Software Academy for Women is a 3-month programme designed by QA to prepare women for a career in Cyber Security.

The programme is open to women of any technical or career background and women all ages who are looking to begin or change to a career in Cyber Security. Each cohort of women will be guided through an accelerated learning pathway to help them secure a role as quickly as possible after their training.

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Welcome to the West of England Growth Hub

Gowth Hub Logo

We are delighted that the West of England Growth Hub will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to offer support.

We know that as being part of this careers fair the West of England Growth Hub are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

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Welcome to Women In Cyber Academy

wica logo

Exciting new opportunity – QA with Women’s Tech Jobs and DCMS are at our event so come along and chat about it

30 fully funded opportunities (12 week training course)

We need more women in the industry to help solve one of the country’s biggest threats, Cyber attacks – will you help us fill this gap and drive the UK tech sector forward?

We want women – of any background – who’d like a career change to join this free-to-attend 12-week programme in Bristol, preparing you for a new role in Cyber. Brought to you by Women’s Tech Jobs and leading training provider, QA, our Women In Cyber Academy is 50% funded by the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). Leading industry sponsors are funding the other 50%, to shape the training and prepare you for a new career.

Whether your interest is in the training opportunity or sponsoring the Academy, visit to register your interest today.

TEDxBristol 2019: Reflect-Rethink-Reboot

TEDxBristol Logo

Welcome to TEDx Bristol !! We are delighted to have TEDxBristol coming to our event – we know that it’s a great brand, we love the team behind it and know how much they support Diversity and Inclusion.

TEDxBristol is one of the largest TEDx events in the world, delivering talks to sell-out audiences, working with creative partners across the UK and reaching a global audience online. It’s an independent, largely voluntary and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating thought provoking, original, world-class TEDx talks and delivering inspirational, inclusive and friendly events in Bristol.

Join the TEDx team for an exclusive workshop as they gear up for this year’s event: Reflect Rethink and Reboot. In November 2019 TEDxBristol will return with a focus on not just surviving, but thriving in uncertain times. How do we unpick things that don’t work, modify our brief, steady our focus and create positive change in a world of constant flux? The team would love to hear your ideas for talks on how technology can be reimagined and rebooted to solve problems – big or small – which matter most to you and your community.