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Jane Scaife UX

At our Careers fair we are about engagement with diverse and brilliant people. We spend our time in women’s tech hub speaking to members who are simply trying to find a way into the tech industry. It seems like a done deal with so many companies telling us that they don’t get any women or minorities applying and our members saying they would love to get in. This is what we are all about and we love it when we acheive our aims to bridge this gap as its normally such an obvious fit (to us at least). Jane is a great example – it wasn’t quick but having the conversations with our forward thinking company members and continuously supporting our members can acheive great results.

Read the blog here about how Jane managed to change career and how she’s loving it!

Welcome to UltraSoC

UltraSoC Logo

We are delighted that UltraSoC will be at our Careers Fair on the 15th & 16th March 2019 and are looking to recruit/support.

We know that, as being part of this careers fair UltraSoC are dedicated to ensuring they recruit from a diverse network and we are really pleased to have them on board as a Women’s Tech Hub member.

UltraSoC is a pioneering technology start-up based in Cambridge, UK. It’s products put intelligent self-analytic capabilities in the systems-on-chip (SoCs) at the heart of today’s consumer electronic, computing and communications products.

Their embedded analytics technology helps solve the most pressing problems faced by the high-tech industries today – including cybersecurity, functional safety, and the management of complexity. UltraSoC’s solutions also allow designers to develop SoCs – the driving force behind both performance improvement and cost reduction in the electronics business – more quickly and cost-effectively

The UltraSoC team are looking forward to presenting in an interactive workshop session and engaging with candidates who are interested in learning more about our innovative technology, with a view to coming onboard and joining us at our Bristol or Cambridge locations and being part of our growing company

UltraSoC are currently looking for Verification, Test, Design and FAE engineers whilst also offering up internships – check out their Careers Page

Follow them on @UltraSoC

Looking forward to seeing you all there

The Tech3Shed team