If you love data come and speak to KETL

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We are super excited that KETL will be at our Careers Fair on 9th November 2019 to support us – they were also our very first sponsor in Women’s Tech Hub and a brilliant team hence the “super excited” mention! (its a bit like having your close friends around when you are running a posh dinner party with work colleagues and need a bit of a confidence boost !)

We know that KETL is completely behind our social values and aims as they have been behind us since day one, including recruiting and training up our careers transferrers/returners. They are also absolutely mad about Data and about to launch a new platform – so go speak to them about it.

“Your business never stops generating data. The ability to pull apart, focus and analyse this flow of information is the answer to making better decisions about your supply chain, your product, and your customers.

We help you design and implement your data strategy, ensuring all your data is in one place so you can get reports out quickly and accurately to the teams that need them, to start generating actionable insight. “

We are KETL and we love data.

Further information on KETL can be found via Twitter @KETL_BI and on LinkedIn – seriously, go check them out!

If anyone would like a personal intro to KETL at any stage including the event then please mail us on info@wthub.org (they’ll chat anyway without an intro!)

Altran Workshops “Finding your Purpose in a Software Company”

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Altran will be running two workshops at our Tech Careers Fair on Friday 15th starting at 5pm and on Saturday the 16th starting at 11am

Speaker – Neil White

Neil White

Neil is an engineer with years of experience delivering software projects that change our world for the better. He is particularly interested in the dynamics of teams and personal motivators, and how this underpins success.

These sessions will use examples of real Altran Intelligent Systems projects to explore topics such as: why people work for software companies, “having a job” versus “having a career”, and how to assess potential employers. Questions welcomed and encouraged – this session can go anywhere that adds value to the attendees. Take the opportunity to ask anything in a safe environment.

Follow them on Twitter @Altran_UK  or LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/altran

Overall workshop timings are as follows and we will give details on what they are doing as we get them


3pm – Graphcore, Lisa Forte (Red Goat), Sparkol

4pm – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton

5pm – Altran, Deloitte SW, Cookpad


11am – Altran, Esoterix, Bud

12noon – UltraSOC, Ceri Newton, Sparkol

2pm – TEDxBristol

My 4 secrets to becoming an amazing public speaker

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One of our first workshops will be with the wonderful Lisa Forte from Red-Goat security telling us how to become amazing (and paid) speakers. Speaking at public conferences is something that we know affects our career progression, confidence and profile so we can’t wait!

Lisa has been a professional speaker for years. She gets hired to speak all around the world. She never imagined doing this professionally though- she was always the shy one in the back of the room hoping and praying nobody would ask her a question. Now she speaks to huge audiences all over the world. How did she become so confident at speaking? Lisa has 4 simple rule that will transform every presentation, pitch or interview you will ever do.

In this workshop Lisa will explain how to use her 4 rules and you will see a big difference in how you present instantly. Public speaking is an amazing skill to have and will open so many doors for your career. Come and learn how to transform the way you speak and pitch!

Welcome Aboard

Welcome banner

We are finally off and running with the Careers fair and are speaking to lots of great companies. The idea behind supporting our members has been in discussion for over a year so its great to finally put it into action. We are aware that there are many companies and agencies talking about diversity and inclusion but we have always been about doing and not just talking about it.

Our members already recognise that and rather than just sitting on panels and telling us that they agree with it, they’ve actually put some money behind it and supported us with implementing practical solutions. So we would like to say a big thank you to all our members whom we all hope to see at the fair (its part of the membership).

So thanks go to KETL, ALD, UltraSOC, Esoterix, Deloitte & Bud.

And a Big thanks to GRAPHCORE for coming aboard – we look forward to working with you! Anybody wanting to join the fair, which includes Women’s Tech Hub membership please mail us on info@tech3shed.org – or to speak to Women’s Tech Hub directly info@wthub.org.

Sign up, sign up…

We have opened the eventbrite sign-up page here . You are welcome to join up for both days as we will have different workshops. It will be running on Friday the 15th from 2pm through until drinks and networking in the evening and on Saturday the 16th from 10am until 4pm. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to pop along and meet with the companies and attend some workshops. You do not have to stay for the full time you are welcome to simply pop your head in and say hi if you like. If you are coming alone and wish for some support at the event then please contact us and we can arrange for someone to escort you around the event and introduce you to companies of interest.

We do not allow any social media of attendees at the event. If you wish to take photos then we will have set photo areas where attendees can take photos with agreement of the participants for your social media channels – please check our code of conduct for more information.

This is a no recruiters event, so other than the companies exhibiting you should not be approached by any recruitment agencies. Please let us know if you are by telling us on the HBB or the Women’s Tech Hub stands – for more details please check our recruiters page.

We’re busy setting up the workshop agenda and will post details as we put it together.

A Bristol based Tech careers fair for all

We are aware that Bristol doesn’t have a major tech recruitment fair and want to fix that. Bristol is fast growing and we have plenty of people wanting to get into the industry. While we want to support all companies wanting to recruit ‘ready mades‘, we are also aware that there is a vast amount of talent out here ready to step in and move into Tech. This Careers fair is to cover all of this. We want to talk inclusion, diversity and training along with recruitment and believe that Bristol is ready to embrace that. The fair is open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, age, social background or anything else. It’s free for anyone who is simply ‘tech-curious’ wanting to understand the jobs, opportunities and training out there as we feel it should be all inclusive. We also want to support the tech savvy wanting to talk to great companies about moving up, across or simply have a change. We’ll be setting up a joining page and advertising the talks and companies looking to hire shortly…