The data room prices might get higher in Q2: Virtual data room price comparison

The prices set by virtual data room providers depend on many factors. Typically, the customer can choose from three packages that contain a specific set of features and they can choose the one that best suits them. However, there are other pricing policies, and prices are also constantly changing. The average VDR per month is $99, but some providers are more expensive, and in this article, we’ll break down what the price of data room services depends on and what their pricing structure is. 

Data Room Virtual Data Room Pricing Structure

So, data room providers structure their pricing according to the following principles: 

  • Page-based system 

One prominent representative of this type of pricing is Intralinks. Such payment is absolutely not fixed and the fee in each subsequent month can be significantly different from the previous month. It all depends on the number of pages you upload to the system, so for large companies, this type of payment may not be very profitable.

  • Depending on user licenses 

So, providers will put up a final check for services at the end of the month, depending on the number of additional users who have used VDR with you. To control the approximate amount you will have to pay, you should calculate how many users will be using the program and how many users the provider will allow using VDRs for free. 

  • Size of storage

The cost will depend on the amount of extra storage space you will be requesting. This type of fee is appropriate for small or medium-sized companies with small-scale projects. On average, providers charge $75 per additional GB. 

  • Fixed-rate

You are given several rates to choose from with certain features, and it’s up to you to choose the option that’s right for you. This type of payment is one of the most preferred.

Compare prices with data room providers

Performing a virtual data room price comparison may not be easy, as almost none of the providers disclose the exact prices of their services, and you need to contact them directly for clarification. However, we can compare the pricing structures of the most popular VDR providers today:

  • iDeals – provides services for all industries and has fixed rates, pricing is geeky, and storage space is unlimited
  • DataSite Merrill – focuses on the financial industry and M&A provides 50 GB of storage, pricing structure unknown
  • Firmex – operates in all industries, provides pricing plans
  • Ansarada – services in all industries and quarterly fees
  • Dealroom – large range of services, fixed-rate plans, payment, and storage locations not specified 

Factors Affecting VDR Pricing

Of course, data room pricing is also closely related to the quality of those services, for example, the better the security of your VDR the higher its price. The security certificate that the provider has and the number of security features also play a big role:

  • The presence of watermarks
  • Features to monitor user actions
  • Multiple levels of data encryption
  • Detailed permissions for document interactions and visibility
  • Confidential access to the space using dual authentication 

Another important factor that influences the pricing for a data room is its storage. If you want to know and control exactly how much you have to pay your VDR provider each month, it’s best to choose a developer that provides unlimited storage. Some such programs are iDeals, CapLinked, and Secure Docs VDR.

Other VDR pricing factors include: 

  • Additional options that the customer chooses to request from the vendor
  • Data protection qualities
  • The number of users who use VDRs can mean either an additional fee or a discount for each customer brought in